Make the Jump News: Force Friday II Recap

Join Bryan Fontaine and Robin Vogt of the Brick City Blockade Podcast Network on Make The Jump News!

Midnight has passed, and fans are catching up on some sleep..

Bryan and Robin recap Force Friday II and all of the happenings across the day. Also, Bryan discusses how important Force Friday is for the community, not just the stores and the companies involved.

Bryan was also joined at the midnight release at his local Toys”R”Us by the 501st New England Garrison and Allen Voivod of the Star Wars 7×7 Podcast.

The #Porgasbord of our furry friends has arrived!

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Thanks for listening, and May the Force be with you!

Granite State Comic Con 2016

Believe it or not, but the Granite State Comic Con in Manchester, NH was the first convention I have ever attended. I want to thank the great staff for allowing me to attend the event and share my experience with everyone from a Star Wars perspective. I am already looking forward to attending again in 2017.

I knew that the event was going to be well attended and what better event to be my first convention that the biggest one in my backyard? I had previously been to the Radisson Hotel and Convention Center countless times in my life for other events, so it was easy to adapt to the layout. After picking up my pass, I was on my way.


My first stop was the Expo Center room. I was absolutely floored (pun intended) with the number of exhibitors on the floor with merchandise that fit just about any interest group. I stopped a perused some of the Star Wars collectibles but didn’t end up pulling the trigger on anything. By the time I arrived, I knew I needed to make it over to the Webster Room to see my friends with the Brick City Blockade Podcast and their Legends in Canon Panel (more on that soon).

The next stop was the Double Midnight Productions Fanzone in the Armory. I did spend more time here that on the Expo Center room floor.  This area had more of a distinct Star Wars feel with the 501st New England Garrison, the Alderaan Base Rebel Legion and the Granite State Saber Academy.

I geeked out with several pictures here and of course I needed to have my picture taken with Kylo Ren.


The props on display were movie-quality and a testament to the dedication and attention to detail these fine individuals have.

My last stop before departing for the day was the Brick City Blockade Podcast Star Wars Legends in Canon Panel in the Webster Room. Before a packed house, Robin Vogt and Sean Michaud shared their presentation about how many of the Legends characters have made it into official canon of Star Wars or could in the future. Robin and Sean entertained the crowd with discussion about Grand Admiral Thrawn, Darth Revan, Darth Plagueis and others. And the giveaways, the Brick City Blockade guys were extremely generous with several Funko POP! characters and Legends novels to the winners of their trivia questions. The question and answer period was excellent as both gentlemen know their Star Wars lore and again proved that New Hampshire has some of the best Star Wars fans in the galaxy.

I had a blast at Granite State Comic Con and I’m already looking forward to attending again in 2017 and so should you!

May the Force be with you.