MAFEX: Captain Phasma No. 028 Review

Captain Phasma
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Toy Line: MAFEX
Release Date: March 2017
MSRP6,120 yen
Current Price: Amazon | eBay

When the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser first made it into our lives, we saw many things that left us speechless.

It wasn’t until the second teaser that was released at Star Wars Celebration 2015 that we saw even more amazing characters. One of which was a chrome Storm Trooper with a cape draped over their left shoulder. We just got a quick glimpse of this character as they walked towards the camera. I was hooked on this character instantly. Continue reading “MAFEX: Captain Phasma No. 028 Review”

MAFEX: Rey No. 036 Review

Rey No. 036
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Toy Line: MAFEX
Release Date: April 2017
MSRP: 5,800 yen
Current Price: Amazon| eBay

Rey is a character that brings a massive amount of mystery to the Star Wars Universe.

She captivates us when we first see her as a scavenger spelunking through the inside of a battle damaged Star Destroyer. Then, we fall in love with the Theme music that the maestro John Williams created for her as she slides down a sand dune with her little treasures. From there on she is thrown into an epic battle between good and evil, but is riddled with self-doubt and the need to “go back home”.

Throughout the story, we see her character develop by gaining new friends like Chewbacca, Finn, BB-8 and the late Han Solo. She finds out more about herself through personal trials by helping the ones that she had just met. She has strength, compassion, and the will to do something good for the Resistance and her friends.

The part of her story when we all felt the feeling of weightlessness was when Kylo Ren reaches out to force-grab the saber and it flies past his face and into Rey’s hand. The Force Theme plays and we realize a new Jedi in the world of Star Wars has emerged.

In the near future, we will find out more about Rey and what she is in the Star Wars Universe. Whether you believe she is Luke’s daughter, Kylo’s Brother (or future love interest) or whatever fill-in-the-blank theory you can contemplate – she will unquestionably be an extremely powerful impact on our fandom. The Forces of Destiny, The Last Jedi, Episode 9 and possible novels and comic books will unravel this undeniably interesting heroine. With her eccentric personality and a knack for survival, she will be extremely fascinating.

The Medicom Toy MAFEX Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey (No. 036) 1:12 scale figure is a superb rendition of the character.

The box is an open window that provides a glimpse of all the wonderful accessories that this figure comes with:

  • Staff
  • Blaster
  • Lightsaber Hilt and Blue Blade
  • Scarfed Head with Goggles
  • Backpack
  • 2 Gloved Hands
  • 2 Open Hands
  • 2 Trigger Hands
  • 2 Closed Fists
  • 2 Grip Hands
  • X-wing Pilot Helmet
  • Action Stand

The accessories included are great. Everything is expertly sculpted and painted with perfection.

The details in the lightsaber hilt are great and make it a stand out in this set. The hilt is the Skywalker lightsaber that we all know and love. Heck, I even have this lightsaber hanging in my room. It is symbolic to the Star Wars fandom. We would recognize it out of a lineup of many other lightsabers. MAFEX expertly painted the silver and black with red fragments on this piece. I look at this and fall in love with the mythology of the back story of this lightsaber all over again. The blade fits perfectly in the hilt with a square insert. It is an interesting detail to say the least.

Rey’s head is an example of the tactic that Medicom Toy MAFEX is pushing for all of their new action figures. Whereas S.H. Figuarts has wonderfully sculpts heads and digital print technology faces, MAFEX has a digital print procedure that takes the actor’s face and carefully interprets it on a tiny piece of plastic.

The extra hands are for the accessories that are a given with the figure. There is two hands that hold the Lightsaber, two hands that have a trigger ready finger for the blaster, two gloved hands (mine came with 2 left hands) that are open to hold accessories, two closed fists (that come with the figure out of the box), and two open hands for either resting or force push action. The hands are removable with extreme ease and I found that very impressive. SH Figuarts’ hands are very hard to pull off and dare I say just as scary to put them back on. Medicom has made it easier making the pegs easier for the user to push-on and pull-off the hands. I am attempting to contact Medicom to see if I am able to get a replacement right gloved hand.

The scarfed head is a great detail to add to this figure, even though it was in The Force Awakens for all of 15 seconds. The mask has the blue/green tint on the goggles that are said to have come from a Stormtrooper helmet. The smallest feature is the light that is molded in the side of the mask and it makes for an absolutely great detail. The browns, tans and grays are very expertly weathered. Just like the hands, the heads are easily swappable. With a smooth removable feel, the heads glide off but seem to stay put when reattached.

The backpack is a good add-on if you are going with the scavenger load out for the figure. The mold is great and the coloring and weathering is very well done. There is a certain drawback, the backpack does not detach from anywhere on the bag. This makes it a little uncomfortable to attach the backpack to the figure. You have to twist the arms a little that would make most experienced action figure collectors cringe. But when you get past the cringing, and sling that backpack to the figure, Rey is ready for exploring more forgotten empire waste. However, if you are going to go with the scavenger look, please remember that the backpack has to go on first and then the head swap. The slits in the back of the scarfed head have given this little feature to help you out.

Ever since the promo-pictures of Rey hit the Internet wearing the X-Wing pilot helmet, we have speculated where in fact she got that piece of equipment. The helmet is a great piece to add for your isolated Rey scene. She wears this for a few seconds in the movie but it has sparked great controversy. The name on the side of the helmet is Raeh. We all have different ideas of what that means but we probably will not know who or what kind of impact Raeh had on Rey. The helmet splits down the middle for an easy way to put the piece on Rey’s head. Be sure to use something like tweezers or maybe your fingernail to split it open. Finally, instead of going with the over-sized fit that was in the movie, MAFEX made it a perfect fit for Rey’s head.

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This figure is worth the gamble of it being made by a company that is slowly creeping back into our Star Wars collections. Medicom MAFEX has burned us before with some faulty joints and parts that fall off in some previous figure releases.

However, with last year’s release of the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi versions of Boba Fett – I have fallen for these figures. I do have to say, my experience with MAFEX figures is in no way extensive whatsoever.

Rey is a great piece to have in your collection and I am incredibly satisfied (besides the 2 gloved left hands) with the detail, articulation and paint application. She is not only a beautiful and mysterious character, but she has made it into all of our hearts as Star Wars Fans.

If you like Rey as a character and can afford this price (mine was about $60.00), She is totally worth your hard-earned money and I recommend her completely. You can order her from many online retailers including Toy Ninja, and other importers.

Thanks for reading, and…

May The Force Of Others Be With You.