Lego: Poe’s X-Wing Fighter #75102

75102 Poe’s X-Wing Fighter
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Toy Line: Lego Star Wars
Release Date: 2015
Current Price: eBay | Amazon

One of the scenes from the first few trailers for The Force Awakens that got me most excited for the movie was the approach of the X-Wings flying low over a lake. It ended up being one of my favorite parts of the movie as well. The combination of seeing X-wings in action for the first time since Return of the Jedi and John William’s brilliant March of the Resistance in that scene is simply awesome.

So it’s not a surprise that the first The Force Awakens related Lego set that I purchased was Poe’s X-Wing Fighter.

With only 717 pieces the overall the completed model is surprisingly big and the detail is above average. The inclusion of four minifigs (Poe, BB-8, Resistance X-Wing Pilot and Resistance Ground Crew) rounds out a great Lego set.

Poe boarding for takeoff.

The set was simple and fun to assemble and I can safely say that it is sturdy enough to survive a few play tests from a ten-year old.

There is a turn-style mechanism on the top of the X-Wing just behind where BB-8 sits that opens and closes the wings. The rear of the X-Wing has four rubber bands, a set of two together near the left and right engines, that close the wings when the mechanism is turned while the wings are in open position. Done quickly this can cause a quick snap of the wings, but thanks to the solid nature of the build it stays together perfectly even when repeated rapidly.

The only drawback that I can give is the price. At $63.99 on I feel that this set is a bit overpriced. However it has become par for the course for most Lego sets to feel as though you are paying about $5-$10 more than you would like to, so that probably won’t deter most of you just as it didn’t stop me from making the purchase.


Even with the set possibly being a bit overpriced I still highly recommend it due to the detail and coolness factor of the build. Whether it is being used by your kids or sitting on your shelf being displayed this set is close to perfect and simply looks great.

Carbon-Freezing Chamber #75137

75137 Carbon-Freezing Chamber
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Toy Line: Lego Star Wars
Release Date: 2015
Current Price: eBay | Amazon

Sometimes having an Amazon Visa card is a dangerous thing. Every-so-often I check my points balance only to find out that there’s $100 or more sitting there. The smart thing would be to continue saving those points for something I might end up really wanting. I never do the smart thing.

About a week ago I found myself in this exact situation and saw that Amazon had some decent prices on two sets I’ve seen around in stores and liked, but passed on for one reason or another. Since I had points to burn I picked up both sets. The first was the Death Star Final Duel #75093 which I will review in a separate post. The second item I added to my cart was the Carbon-Freezing Chamber #75137. For $18.89 it seemed like a decent value as often it’s sold for over $20.


One of the things that interested me about this small set was that it included a Boba Fett mini-figure. Outside of the $200+ Slave I set you don’t see Boba Fett available in many other sets. Same goes for the Han Solo in Carbonite accessory.

In all, three mini-figs are included; the aforementioned Boba Fett, a non-frozen version of Han Solo and an Ugnaught. Combined with the Han frozen in carbonite accessory these mini-figs are a good value for such a small set.


The set itself isn’t anything overly special. It’s only 231 pieces and is a quick, easy build. It has a couple of moving sections (manually operated of course); an elevator that honestly serves no function and probably should have been left out of the build, and the section that holds the carbonite-frozen Han Solo lowers and spins so you can switch from a regular Han to a frozen Han by manipulating a lever on the front of the set (okay so that part is kind of cool actually).


This set definitely falls into more of the play-set type builds and not a must-have part of a collection. That was quickly proven when my son immediately commandeered the set after it was built and played with it for long while.

However I will say that for under $20 this deal shouldn’t be passed up. While the detail level if not amazing by any stretch, the set does a great job of looking like and giving the feel of the Carbon-Freezing Chamber we see on Bespin in ESB. That’s what drew me to buying this besides the Boba Fett mini-fig; It’s the only set out there that captures my 2nd favorite part of ESB (the first being the Battle of Hoth if you were wondering). The suspense of not knowing whether Han would die in the freezing process, Chewie’s last-ditch effort to save his buddy followed by Han convincing him to give up the attempt, and of course “I know” just made for a fantastic scene in that movie.

While not a must have, this set is a nice addition to a Lego Star Wars collection and since it doesn’t take up much space it’s easier to find a spot on your desk or shelf for it compared to those Star Destroyers, Sand Crawlers and AT-ATs.

Lego Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium #75094

75094 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Toy Line: Lego Star Wars
Release Date: 2015
Current Price: eBay | Amazon

There are sets that you know you have to own as soon as you see them. The Shuttle Tydirium was one of those sets for me. The Imperial Shuttle design may not be as iconic and remembered as Tie Fighters, X-Wings or the Millennium Falcon, but for those of us who grew up on the original trilogy it tends to be in our group of favorites nonetheless.

There have been a few of other Imperial Shuttle Lego sets over the years and while I have no personal experience with them some certainly look better than others. For example while the older set #7166 seems to feel more blockish and cartoon-like, set #10212 looks very authentic and has great detail. However both of those sets, especially #10212, will set you back a decent amount of money now that they are no longer in production.


Set #7166 – The force is not strong with this one.
Set #10212 – Probably the best Imperial Shuttle set there has been.

Thankfully the Shuttle Tydirium set, which runs about $70 at and other retail stores, is affordable and is closer to the detailed type build of set #10212. While it still doesn’t reach the level of detail and quality of that older set, it comes close and the price point is spot-on. Add to this that the set is a pleasure to build and my $70 ended up turning into one of my favorite sets of all-time.

As mentioned above the quality of this set is great. The mechanics of folding the wings up into landing/take-off position are sturdy, so no worries here about flimsy moving parts  that break apart if not handled gently like some other sets. Other moving parts of this set include the cockpit lifting, each of the four laser cannons mounted on the front of the shuttle are able to tilt up and down, a lowering ramp underneath the shuttle and two side panels that can lift upwards for access to the interior of the shuttle.

View of the interior of shuttle cockpit.

The set comes with five minifigures; Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Han Solo and two Endor Rebel Troopers. One strange omission there in my opinion is Luke Skywalker. I’d rather see him included in this set than the two Endor Rebel Troopers considering he was a part of the crew that took the stolen shuttle to land on Endor in what was actually a very important part of RotJ.

As a play set this shuttle is probably perfect. My son certainly thinks so. For those of us wanting to display it there is one major drawback; You cannot easily display the shuttle with the wings down in flight position and as cool as it looks with the wings up you want to show this thin off fully opened.

The solution is to build a stand like in the pictures above that fits underneath the shuttle loading ramp that is high enough to allow for the set to be on display with the wings opened. After building the set I very quickly noticed this issue and did a quick Google search for ideas for a stand. Ultimately I picked some elements from a few designs I saw  in my search and created my own. The end result is something that fits well with the look of the overall set and keeps the focus on the shuttle and not the make-shift display stand.

If you’re looking for a fantastic set to add to your collection I cannot recommend set #75094 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium enough. It’s as close to perfect as you are going to get out of a Lego set for under $100. The fact that you can get it for under $70 makes it a must have. I can easily see this set going for hundreds of dollars a few years down the line once it is out of production and no longer on the shelf at retail stores. At that point it will become one of those sets you kick yourself for not purchasing when it was being sold as MSRP.

Lego Star Wars: Motorized Walking AT-AT

10178 Motorized Walking AT-AT
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Toy Line: Lego Star Wars
Release Date: 2007
Current Price: eBay | Amazon

Lego was my favorite toy when I was a kid and Star Wars has always been my favorite franchise/movie/set of movies/everything. So the combination of those two things has created a product that I have enjoyed collecting more than any other Star Wars merchandise.

It started when my wife bought me a Y-Wing set for Christmas years ago. I began assembling it and realized how much fun the combination of Legos and Star Wars could be. There was no turning back from there.

The following Christmas after receiving the Y-Wing my wife gave me Set #10178 “Motorized Walking AT-AT”. Empire Strikes Back is my favorite of all the Star Wars movies. Specifically the Hoth scenes just stuck with me and as a result I love all things AT-AT and T-47 Airspeeder related.

Overall it’s an impressive build.

I built this set years ago, so remembering how the build went in any detail is tough, but I do recall some parts where I had to back-track as I realized a part was put on backwards or up-side down a few steps earlier. However overall I do remember enjoying the build.

This walker set is more Lego Technic-like. However this is to be expected considering it is motorized. Essentially this build is a motorized technic set with an AT-AT shell.

Lifting the side panels shows a little more of the technic-like insides of the set.

In all I think what you gain in cool, motorized functionality you lose in detailed exterior.For that reason if you are looking for something to display and will never actually use the motorized feature I suggest going with one of the more recent, non-motorized sets.

Inside of the walker’s cockpit.

Four mini-figures are included; General Veers, AT-AT Driver, Snowtrooper and Luke Skywalker.

Included mini-figures

When it comes down to it, the build is impressive, fun and looks very cool. The only thing that may hold you back if your interested in picking one up for yourself is the price tag. The set came out around 2007 and a quick scan of Amazon and google showed prices ranging from $699 to $999. For that price it’s hard to justify in my opinion considering there are other versions out there that are cheaper and more readily available albeit sans the motorized walking ability.

If you get a chance and can stomach the price (or somehow find a great deal) this is a nice addition to a collection. Just realize that is is border-line criminal not to build a shield generator to go with it!