AP-5: A Rebels Musical To A Fandom Favorite

“It’s easy to see.. I fit perfectly.. In this wonderful, beautiful…” AP-5

The Star Wars Community is one of the most wonderful and beautiful microcosm’s to exist in the World today. Here at the Brick City Blockade Podcast Network, our message has always been to unite the fandom around positivity. After Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels, there was one droid that captured the essence of the Network.

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Rebel Through Royalty: A Conversation With Claudia Gray

We’ve had the pleasure of having New York Times Bestselling author Claudia Gray answer some questions about her interactions not just in the World of Star Wars, but throughout her time as a Young Adult novelist. Claudia’s works in Star Wars include Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens : Lost Stars, Star Wars : A New Republic : Bloodline, and her latest novel Journey to Star Wars : The Last Jedi : Leia, Princess of Alderaan. Continue reading “Rebel Through Royalty: A Conversation With Claudia Gray”

Rose and Finn

Rose shifted on her feet, tugging at the too-short hem of her dress. All sequins and sparkles, tassels, and threads – designed to match the glittering opulence of the room that awaited them. As the lift finished its ascent, Finn reached over to squeeze her hand.

“Relax,” he said, voice sure and steady, brown eyes sparkling with warmth. “You look lovely.”

She felt the corners of her eyes crinkle with a smile, the one that always sprang to her mouth too easily, whether she was teasing her sister or regaling the other crew members with tall tales of exploits she most certainly had not done.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this. Her, a lowly mechanic, who was more at home with wrenches and gears than … whatever this was. She bit back a laugh that she was sure would have come out barked and mirthless. Paige would never believe it – not in a trillion years. That is, if her sister would ever return from her endless string of “reconnaissance missions” with Poe Dameron. If one could give an internal eye roll, Rose would have done it – every time she thought of her sister and the dashing fighter pilot heading off on some new adventure. Paige practically leapt out of her seat anytime Poe came around asking for volunteers. She was so obvious, Rose found it ironic that only the target of her affections seemed oblivious to them.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” Rose trilled, attempting a light tone. She meant it, though. With his sleek jacket and straight-legged pants, he looked every bit the part. A mysterious stranger, one among the dozens here to spend their money with no questions asked.

“Casino floor,” the lift intoned, bringing them to a stop. Rose patted her hair one more time, to be sure it was still in place. It was barely long enough, but she had managed to twirl and tuck it into a single roll atop her head. She left her bangs, however, to fall loose over her face. She liked having something to hide behind, if need be.

The gilded metal doors slid open, and they stepped out onto the casino floor. The first thing she noticed – apart from the jangly music blaring from all corners of the room – was that there must be a hundred different races and species, playing at wheels and dice and she knew not what. She hadn’t the faintest idea about gambling, aside from the simple games she and her sister had played for pocket change growing up.

It took all of one moment for her clumsiness to go on full display; she bumped into a table she was passing by, jostling the chips stacked on it. “Hey!” was the only word she could discern from the gambler before he launched into an angry alien tongue. She mumbled an apology, adding a grimace for good measure, then hurried to catch up to Finn.

“Causing trouble already?” he asked under his breath, a hint of amusement breaking through his tense concentration. Red-faced, she held her tongue.

She couldn’t fathom the luxury in which these people lived. She couldn’t even fathom having enough credits to gamble away. But thankfully, she didn’t have to. All she had to do was deliver a message.

They could have sent the message ahead – delivered by droid or transmission. Like BB-8. She loved the little astromech, who always rolled up and chirruped at her when he returned from his adventures. She didn’t have a clue what he was trying to say, but he was awfully cute doing it. But he had of course accompanied Poe, on whatever task had summoned him and Paige.

They certainly couldn’t send anyone recognizable to deliver the message. Hence the mechanic and the former trooper – although tales of the rogue FN-2187 must have reached all corners of the First Order by now.

And it was too risky. They couldn’t chance anyone overhearing their message and thinking to sell it to the First Order for their own gain. Even though the Order now faced a setback with the destruction of Starkiller Base … the fledgling Resistance, like the Rebellion before it, remained vastly outnumbered.

Finn knew it. He’d told her of the ranks and ranks of troops, simply awaiting an order to squash them all like insects.

And yet here he was. Still fighting. Despite his injury, despite his barely concealed fear … still working to make sure their galaxy remained safe.

She wondered how much of it had to do with Rey. How much of him was waiting for her return. Of course he was. Rose had seen his eyes light up when he spoke of the Jedi-in-training. Had heard the note of pride, of protection, in his voice – though she surmised that the onetime scavenger had no want or need of that protection. Certainly not now, with her burgeoning Force powers likely growing in strength by the day under the famed Luke Skywalker’s tutelage.

And every day, Finn grew more comfortable with the Resistance. When he first arrived, he hadn’t even planned on staying. He was going to drop BB-8 and leave – take off for some far-distant corner of the galaxy where no one, not even the First Order, would find him.

Did he still have a family out there? Did he even remember? She hadn’t worked up the nerve to ask. But she suspected that was one thing he had in common with the scavenger, Rey. Rose felt lucky, in some ways, that her parents and younger sister were still happily settled on their homeworld. But she didn’t feel so lucky that she had to worry about them daily.

She saw him worry about Rey, though. He’d gone through so much to save her, risked so much to rescue her, and then … she’d simply left him again. Rose understood, of course, the importance of her mission – the potential her powers had to end all this – but still …

She’d seen her – the scavenger – when she had come to the Resistance base on D’Qar after the destruction of Starkiller Base. The girl who could break into someone’s mind and make them do her bidding. The girl who, if the rumors flying around base were to be believed, could now move objects with just her mind.

Rose had been among the crew rushing to check on the Falcon. The renowned ship that they had never thought to see in their lifetimes – right up until the moment they’d arrived on Takodana to find both it and its passengers in dire need of help.

But this time, there was no sign of its captain, Han Solo – only his first mate, Chewie, and the girl. Rose had been stunned by her presence. This was the one whom they had sent a squadron to rescue. The one who commanded all their attention. The girl had looked numb – had met General Organa’s gaze in a way that turned Rose’s stomach. That made her think she might not be seeing the Falcon’s owner again.

And Finn … he’d been clinging to life, bearing the wounds of a battle that he should never have been caught up in. She tailed him now, as he passed by the last of the betting tables and reached a smoke-filled lounge, full of murmurs and clinking glasses.

And then there she was: Holdo. The woman they hoped would be the recipient of their message. Her hair hung in soft violet-hued waves, matching a darker violet gown that draped in folds down her back. She lounged on a chaise, sipping from a tall, narrow glass of fizzing liquid, and watched with catlike eyes as they approached.

“Admiral Holdo,” Finn intoned, giving a brief bow and glancing around. “If we might interrupt … we bring you a message.”

“A message?” the woman asked sharply. “From whom?”

“From … the general.”

Holdo seemed unimpressed, simply raising her eyebrows and turning back to her compatriots.

“It is of the utmost importance,” he pressed. “Might we deliver it privately?”

Ever since Rey’s coded message had arrived, Rose had seen Finn play the hologram over and over, as she found reasons to walk past his room. The signal was so weak, it was a miracle it had come through at all. And try as he might, he’d been unable to get a message back to her.

But Rey’s broken words had come through, and that was all they needed to hear. “I’m safe. I’ve found him.

“I’m working to bring him to you.”

Finn’s eyes roved over the room, no doubt scanning for listening devices, as she herself was doing. Once he was as satisfied as he could be that they wouldn’t be overheard, he turned back to Holdo, who lounged on the chaise as if she had all the time in the world and didn’t care one way or another whether they delivered the message they had trekked halfway across the galaxy to give her.

“And why would I want to hear a message from that washed-up senator?” Her companions chortled, her own laughter ringing out.

It wasn’t until Finn’s next words that her eyes snapped to him.

“Because Luke Skywalker is alive. And we know where he is.”

Musings from the Darkside Episode I

Check out the debut our new YouTube video series: Musings from the Darkside. This is a more lighthearted take on the Star Wars galaxy from your friends at the Brick City Blockade Podcast Network.

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Rey’s Mission

Rey slipped through the heavy metal doors as they slid shut, flattening herself against the wall and peering around. No sign of any patrols in this sector, thankfully, although she knew the surveillance cameras lurked just out of sight. Good thing she’d sent a power surge from an entryway terminal through their control system. 

She had never set foot inside this station, constructed after the destruction of Starkiller Base. However, it resembled that station where she’d been held prisoner for a mere night – the place where she had accepted and claimed her powers. She wiggled her fingers, feeling the Force flow in response to her call, a now-familiar friend and ally awaiting her orders.  

A burgeoning sense of purpose surging through her, Rey strode down the hall, the hooded black cloak that masked her face billowing behind her. She called on his memories to guide her, the emotions that had invaded her dreams over the past year to illuminate her path.  

A snatch of calm in the chaos – there, tucked away, the small shrine he had erected to his grandfather. A fit of blinding, searing rage – the singed doorway, saber marks melted into its metal frame.  

The connection they had formed – when he’d set out to steal her thoughts but ended up on the receiving end of her fledgling power – Rey imagined that must be what had started the visions. Master Luke had trained her to shield her mind during her waking hours, setting up an adamantine barrier around her thoughts, but she hadn’t yet mastered keeping it in place during her fitful hours of sleep.  

Years of desert living, nothing but the shell of an AT-AT for shelter, hadn’t exactly made her a heavy sleeper. Even on the relative safety of Ach-To, the remote island she had yearned for, envisioned for so long, she merely dozed, prone to jerking awake and reaching for her lightsaber when R2-D2 so much as chirruped down the hall. 

And yet. She had slipped the question into conversation during a visit from Poe – were there any lingering effects from his interrogation? Had any connection formed between him and his questioner, Ren?  

Nothing. Not so much as a whisper, he had assured her. When he had slowed, halted and narrowed his eyes at her, she’d quickly changed the subject. Don’t give him a reason to report me to General Organa. 

At last, she reached the door to his personal chambers, an unbreakable wall of ebony stone flanked by a pair of crimson-cloaked guards – a sort of offshoot from those who used to guard the almighty emperor, she’d learned. The First Order must have repurposed the idea from the old Empire, as they had so many others.  

The guards straightened as she approached, gripping their pikes. She felt their wariness seeping off them.   

“Halt. Who are you? What business do you have here?” one of them barked through his face mask.  

Rey mentally checked that her shroud was still in place, covering the upper half of her face but leaving her mouth visible to wreak her persuasive power. She called upon that old friend and felt the Force respond. 

“I am no one,” she murmured, lacing each word with that alluring assurance that willed the weak-minded into submission. “You’ve just remembered a task Lord Ren set for you on the command deck. You will leave now and not return this night.” 

She counted the seconds, keeping her persuasive aura intact while all the while praying that they would heed her orders.  

“You are no one,” the earlier guard repeated tonelessly. Rey breathed a sigh of relief. “We’ve just remembered a task Lord Ren set for us on the command deck. We will leave now and not return this night.” 

The pair clutched their weapons and shuffled off in the direction of the lifts. Rey set to work on the locking system, calling up the Force to sense its code. With a beep and a whoosh of air, it released, the door grinding upward for her to enter. 

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Walt Disney World: The Star Wars Experience 2017

I may have missed Star Wars Celebration Orlando this year, but a family vacation a few weeks later provided me the opportunity to see everything Walt Disney World had to offer this Star Wars fan.

Hollywood Studios is the main place to get your Star Wars fix in Walt Disney World but you can still find merchandise at most of the other parks as well. It was great to see the park celebrate the 40th Anniversary of A New Hope. There were banners hanging outside the Launch Bay for each of the eight movies in the franchise thus far.

It was nice to see some The Last Jedi merchandise available under the Force for Change campaign. I couldn’t leave Disney without the The Last Jedi t-shirt and the pin as well.

The Star Wars Land part of the park is not scheduled to be completed until 2019 but the banners are already prevalent. They are advertising it as on a remote outpost planet, new adventures await. Everything that we’ve heard about the park so far is that it will be a new location not previously seen in the Star Wars galaxy.

Star Wars Launch Bay

One of the newest attractions of Hollywood Studios is the Star Wars Launch Bay. It has it all for Star Wars fans: documentary film in the Launch Bay Theater, movie props on loan from Lucasfilm, and character greetings. The documentary was quick but it gave you the necessary chills as a fan. Hearing the love each director has for the franchise makes me feel confident they are the appropriate caretakers to continue to enrich the story we all know and love.


Meet BB-8

My son absolutely loved meeting BB-8. Even though he was propped up on the floor and stationary – all the sound effects and interaction were top-notch.

Encounter Kylo Ren

As I expected, Kylo Ren wasn’t very nice. He kept his distance from our family. It was for the best.

Meet Chewbacca

Chewbacca didn’t care much for my Shoretrooper shirt. He still agreed to take a photo with my family afterall.

The props included in the Launch Bay are on loan from Lucasfilm. Most look like recreated versions of the originals but the accuracy and scale is there. It was fun to see all that had on display.

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues

No trip to Hollywood Studios isn’t complete without several rides on Star Tours. I lost count how many times I rode on it in two separeate days. Unfortuantely I do remember having the same sequence three times in a row: the Podracing scene from The Phantom Menace and the Coruscant chase from Attack of the Clones.

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi

I didn’t even realize that this movie was an option to see until walking by the sign on the way to Star Tours. Disney advertises it as “Watch a dramatic short film about the Jedi Order’s fall and return.” It even wove in the ending of The Force Awakens. I would equate it to some of the best fan made cutups on YouTube today – except it is completely licensed and sanctioned by Disney and Lucasfilm.


I did not have the opportunity to see Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular or Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away. It will give me something to look forward to my next family vacation to Walt Disney World.

Even though I missed out on the biggest Star Wars party of the year – I had a blast with my family and got to see Star Wars represented everywhere in Walt Disney World. I’d love to hear about your experiences there as well!

May the Force be with you.

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Comic Con’s and Casts : The Ghost Relationship

The pop culture community has taken the entertainment world by storm.

With the release of new comic book films and almost everything in between, the geek-culture is truly the strongest fan community. With this comes the responsibility of film properties and companies to respect fans and most importantly, those who market their product(s) outside of the big-budget teams. In reality, it is the fans that make these cinematic universes possible. It is podcast’s that make this fandom grow and keep the positive discussions moving. Podcast’s are some of the most, if not the most influential voices in the community.

There can be long lasting effects of a 20 minute podcast episode.

Involved in the pop culture fandom are the Comic Con events, which consume much of the popular media and give fans a unique experience along some of their most beloved film, television and animated celebrities. These ‘Cons’, as they are called in the public, are very important to the success of franchises and the marketing of multiple properties. Most recently, these properties include Disney, FOX and Pixar.

Now, let us step back for a second and review what has been discussed.

The mass marketing advantage, fan-friendly experiences and the availability of a once in a lifetime guest. All important to the success of not just comic book conventions, but podcast episodes as well. I’m here to tell you that both Comic Con’s and Podcasts have a lot in common, and most of the time, it goes unnoticed. The days of comic book events without the advertising advantage of podcasts and radio are coming to a conclusion, no matter what direction you look. After being on tour for nearly a full year and participating in half a dozen Comic Con’s, I’ve come to a very truthful and honest conclusion.

Podcast’s are influential marketing outlets, and can determine the success of a comic book convention or fan event.

Simply, they are not being treated the way they should be, and to spin all conventions into a negative light is not the goal. Many comic book conventions and fan events utilize their media in positive way. The goal is to bring awareness to organizers and event production groups, that this valuable and most crucial media and marketing outlet is available. With poor planning and last minute decisions on the day of the event, this relationship easily takes a dive. Unfortunately, as a podcast founder and event coordinator, this can affect all parties and their outcomes. Whether the event is three days or one hour, it is amazing what can happen when little information is brought to the attention of the podcast guests and their fans.

And please, do not let the fans down.

Hopefully, this message begins to make it’s way through the comic book convention and events community. There is an awareness that needs to be exposed and explained when it comes to this powerful relationship of ‘Con to Cast’. I look forward to the day when podcast and their members become the featured acts at conventions, and not because of their name, but their ability to entertain and include the fan community in the discussion.

That day will come when this ghost relationship come to life.


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May the Force be with you!

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