Black Series: Clone Commander Gree

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Clone Commander Gree (Toys”R”Us Exclusive)
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Toy Line: 6″ Black Series
Release Date: July 2017
MSRP: $24.99
Current Price: eBay | Amazon

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was a military force essentially created for the war with the Separatists 10 years before the Jedi knew of their existence. Following the Battle of Geonosis, many other battles took place across the galaxy. The Elite Corps fought in the Second Battle of Geonosis, Battle of Kashyyyk and the transportation of Nute Gunray to Corruscant (which was a failure). Clone Commander 1004 was a well decorated veteran in the GAR. CC-1004 was the commanding clone in the 41st Elite Corps Battalion. He fought alongside some of the most famous Jedi Generals during the Clone Wars including Anakin Skywalker.

The 41st Elite Corps wore many colors throughout their missions. Gree was known to wear green on his armor. His loyalty to the Jedi was no match for his loyalty to the Republic. While fighting the battle on Kashyyyk with the Wookies, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine ordered the clones to execute “Order 66”. Gree did not hesitate to execute the closest Jedi to him. However, that Jedi Was Master Yoda. Yoda felt a disturbance in the Force and within a blink of an eye, drew his lightsaber and decapitated Commander Gree and a few surrounding clones.

The Hasbro Black Series Commander Gree is a beautiful rendition of the loyal trooper. The paint application alone is top-notch. Hasbro deviated from the basic use of paint applications to add many more paints to make this action figure a special edition. The Hasbro team did not spare any detail while designing this action figure. The accessories that Gree comes with are a radio antenna (careful with this), DC-15S, DC-15A and macrobinoculars. Very standard clone accessories. Truthfully, anything else would be too much for a clone action figure.

Hasbro has yet to figure out how to make a decent articulated elbow joint for a Clone Trooper. Comparing the elbows and knees to the Original Trilogy Stormtrooper, there is a huge misstep. What ever happened between that small amount of time of when the original Stormtrooper came out in 2013-2014 and the Clone Trooper that came out two waves (but same phase/line) later, is a huge step backwards. Maybe it is because they were trying to keep the figures “Movie Accurate” and making the Clones a tad bit meaty-er as opposed to the string bean Stormtroopers.  The elbow articulation does not bend past 45 degrees, which upsets me a bit. I just want to be able to have a trooper hold a rifle at a “ready to fire” position with the trooper looking down the sight. My other request is for a Trooper to hold a weapon at a “resting” position where the wrist can hold the rifle at a bent angle with the other hand cradling the front of the weapon. But that might be asking too much. It would probably take a new mold and retooling of the entire arm(s). Gree holds the weapon(s) with one hand very well. It is when the Trooper is holding the DC-15A that there is a loss of realism in holding a rifle. Gree holds the macrobinoculars well, not close enough to his face, but at a rest pose. He is scanning the horizon before taking a closer look.

The paint scheme is extremely spot on to the Commander portrayed in Revenge of the Sith. Gree is in the camouflage paint scheme. The greens, browns, silvers, and the blacks are what makes this figure stand out. Gree adopted the camouflage paint scheme when the 41st was assigned to Kashyyyk. They needed to blend in to the jungle environment. The action figure captures that extremely well. There are a few new pieces of sculpts that Gree has over the regular trooper molds. Gree has a thigh holster and a back-radio transmitter. The wire comes up out of his back armor. However, the antenna is removable and it is very small. Be careful when removing this piece, it is easy to lose. The antenna adds a great piece of realism and is a great addition to an already awesome figure.

This figure is one of my favorites out of the Black Series despite the articulation issues. Gree has always been one of my favorite Clones and I am saddened that he had such a small role in Star Wars Media. He was portrayed as a bad-ass with a bi-hawk and a stern demeanor. Even though we know he is not around past ROTS, I hope they revisit some clones’ battles and personal lives in some way. Either a book, comic, short story, TV show(?), etc. I’m really looking forward to the Hascon Exclusive Captain Rex that will be available in September. I am ready for more Clones! Here’s hoping for more Clone action and more battles against those Clankers!

Vode An Brothers!